What is wrong with my ex?

So he messaged me on Fb just now, this is how the conversation went.



Whatcha doin?

nm just chilling in a hotel hbu?

Just chillin


I still wanna be with you again


because your hot

um okay

Like okay you want to get back together

im dating someone

What about dating two people

are you f***ing kiding me..?


f*** no

You sure

yes I'm f***ing sure, I swear you only message me when your horny and want some.. but your never going to get any this way.asking a girl to f***ing cheat for you? what the f*** is wrong with you?

then he logged off!

like he is so annoying and always does this! how do I get him to stop! I've already deleted him but he still has my number and pretty much calls me every night -_-


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  • I would change my number and tell everyone I gave the new number to not to be giving out my number. In the past when someone I was avoiding still contacted me I found out someone else was giving it to them. Not really aware of the situation though so I didn't blame them. But make sure everyone in your social circle knows what's going on.

    Then if he somehow really wouldn't leave you alone I would talk to your service provider about blocking him. If he STILL continues to bother you after those dramatic steps you might need to get police involved and I truly hope its not that serious that the loser won't go away lol, but you need to do what you need to do.

    Maybe just threaten him that you're going to get a restraining order or something or threaten that police are now involved and that he's not suppose to contact you anymore.

    • okay I'm under 18 too right? and he's over 18.. and he sent me a picture of his d***... isn't that illegal..?

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    • Well tell him, "My parents saw the pic you sent and you need to stop talking to me or they will have police involved" either now or when he sobers up he won't bother you again unless he's more stupid than a bag of rocks, I promise lol.

    • lol okay thank you!

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  • ask your phone provided to block him


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  • maybe he's drunk, change your number or just ignore his calls until he leaves you alone. Better yet, go into your contacts setting and set it so that all his calls go straight to voice mail, but before doing that, text him and tell him that if he ever cared for you at all he will leave you alone and let you be.

  • Change your number and block his..