Did I do the right thing by holding back?

So, I was planning on a nice evening with this girl with mutual interest. Cute, sweet (I thought) and from Texas. Keep in mind, I was under the impression that this girl was clean. I've only had one girlfriend ever, and I'm still rather nervous around a girl I like.

I get to the place she's staying at and they ask me to join them in doing meth. I've done a lot of other drugs before but cleaned up. I'm open to trying new stuff at least once though, so for this girl, I was willing to try it with her (and apparently I was supposed to f*** her...so f****** easy, I was shocked). She looked uncomfortable with having to go to pick it up so I assumed she didn't really do it much either. I asked her if she wants to stay, but she got mad, thinking I was patronizing her. Her and her cousin kept talking sh*t the whole night, thinking I was too "p****" to talk back.

Now, if it weren't for the fact that these 2 girls work for a buddy of mine, and one is messing around with that buddy, these 2 hard-ass girls would've gotten a thorough make-over with my fists. But verbal abuse isn't enough to make me snap. I just didn't bother responding much at all...they kept using these indirect ways to say things about me right next to me. Called me gay, mama's boy and whatever else you can think of to associate with not fighting back. I make the big mistake of trying to get them to understand me, that I work 2 jobs to support a family that taught me nothing but hate so provoking me if you're not a family member doesn't work, but they didn't care.

Needless to say, once we got back to the hotel, they continued the sh*t-talk so I just bounced. Didn't try the meth...I knew the girls were making my buddy uncomfortable as well. I'm still shocked the girl I fell for was such a senseless b****. Did I make a mistake in holding back? Kind of awake now and feel like killing someone.

Going to run into her at work today...should I make amends...or just be done with her? As messed up as that night was...I still have feelings for her. Main reason why I held back.


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  • You didn't take meth and f*** a meth head, and you're wondering if you made a mistake?

    Your only mistake was in failing to dump her junkie ass the moment the word meth came out of her AIDS chasing gob.

    • Think I'm just pissed / shocked still...totally wasn't expecting her to have that type of personality. Quit the party life...but still attracted to the girls it seems.

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