Can a guy change his mind about liking you if you said something he didn't like or revealed too much about you

I think the guy I like is backing off and that I made up lose interest, I told me something personal and other said something he thought was negative and I could tell immediately he didn't like it, the last thing he said was I will get with you later ( I think or he would talk to me later ) I have been terribly upset since I really had a spark with ( and no I have slept with him or been on a date outside of the club he works out) IS it TOO LATE! How long should I wait before contacting ? and much time till I know he is not interested. IT takes every ounce of me NOT to contact him , I want to SO BAD but I have NOT cause I didn't think he wanted to hear from me PLEASE HELP ME OMG!


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  • If you said something really offputting then yes it is possible to loose interest or be turned off by the remark. Dependin gon how bad it was will depend on whether he gets over it or doesn't come back.

    • it wasn't really like bad at all in mind I thought it was, but he did text me today just one text saying he hope I was hoping a good day and smile so I waited an hour and send him one text almost the same thing back cause it was safe I thought and thanks what now? I have not gotten another text from him yet and don't want to send another one SO ANY adivice now! I suppose he is NOT even worried about my commet the other day so hit me back let me know! please

    • if he texted you about havin a good day he still likes you, don't stress.

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  • Well I do think a guy can change his mind if he didn't like something about you that you told him, but if he was really into you it wouldn't matter. I think you should try texting him or call him and ask if you could talk about it or something. What you did wrong or said something that offended him ask him about that.

    • or maybe he is just not that into and never was that much yet and so its easy for him to forget about me already! OMG I hate feeling like this ! Dam pit in your stomach and feel like I could cry can cry! YUCK

    • Well tell him how you feel sometimes that's the best way to go.

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