Guys: Is this awkard or no...?

Say 2 of your friends are now dating 2 girls that you have slept with. Is it weird to be around them? What goes through your head when you see them and does it stir up anything inside you? And if you were out with your current girlfriend and these girls were around, would you be comparing them secretly?


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  • Not awkward at all. "Everyone is someones sloppy seconds "as a buddy of mine likes to say. If the girls were trouble I'd let them know of course.


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  • When I saw the two together I would probably be thinking about what we had done, and wondering if I was better then the other at it lol. When I was with my current girlfriend then yea I would probably be comparing the experiences between the three girls against each other in my head.

  • Not awkward for me. I don't compare either.


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