Should I talk to him?

Guys, if you like someone, would you really give time to talk to her even though you're really busy?

Few weeks ago, he messaged me and we had a good talk. I'm wondering if I should message him this time? Or should I wait for him to start again..

Additional info (if it would help...somehow) : he's not my boyfriend, though he did tell me that he likes me as more than friends.

Does that mean he should initiate or should I do something? It's just that if I do message him, I don't want to end up bothering him and hear him say "sorry, I can't talk right now..." or something like that.


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  • Go ahead and call him, we like to get some sort of feedback. If you like him return the favor and say you like him back, there is no need to lead us on. And it won't bother him if you call and he can't talk, just means he'll call you back when he can or he'll tell you when he can. Hope this helps, goodluck.


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