Ex's friend and I like each other?

I have a bit of a complicated situation where, my ex's friend has admitted he has feelings for me. My ex, although it was only a casual set up although we are kind of friends now things ended on a bad note. He f***ed me about emotionally, telling me he liked me but didn't want anything serious and then, he finally ended things because of this one girl who came on the scene, he insisted they weren't seeing each other but it's came to light they were seeing each other although my ex re-assured me nothing was going on. Either way, I met his friend a while ago at my ex's house before my ex and I split... From there we've always kind of got along and had a laugh... He had my number purely on a friends basis and we used to have general convo's but recently and via social networking he's become more full on.. I assumed he was speaking to me purely on a friends basis and tried to brush off anything he may have said that was flirty.. Although we get on so well, I do like him too... He eventually told me how he feels... I told him that we couldn't let anything happen or go on since he is my ex's friend.. I've never been in this situation before. I like this guy but I just don't think it's right to go for a guys friend... It's not like I intentionally meant this to happen...


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  • Just out of curiosity...why not? Seems like a silly reason to not be with the right person. It's only a bad thing if you keep doing it, and even then, why not? I ask because...you didn't ask anything. Lol.

    • I just noticed I've missed out a chunk... What I wanted to get across was, like am I wrong for not taking this somewhere? I mean, I like this dude, he's a nice guy but I wouldn't want to cause any drama between him and his friends... Am I wrong for wanting to like his friend? Lol

    • Ah. Hmm.

      Right and wrong. Right because you're respectful of others, wrong because you're denying yourself a shot at happiness.

      Nothing wrong at all with what you're attracted to.

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