How to make a spark come back?

My boyfriend says the spark has been fading in our relationship. we are on a break and its really hard. I need to know what I can do. he didn't give me much to go on, just do well in my uni class' and be more social. what do you think I could do to make the spark come back


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  • if the spark is fading then maybe you should let it. but if you really want to keep him then I would suggest lay on the physical things between you, try new things, talk about things you don't usually talk about or haven't in a long time. if he wants you to be more social you could try to make him jealous by using this break to look for someone else even if you don't really want to be with them. that's not the most nice or morally correct thing to do but it is an opption that I have seen work with my friends. good luck

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