What does hanging out mean to a 55 year old man?

We dated intensely for 3 weeks then he said lets get to know each other better by "back stepping" which he said means slowing down. He is getting over a breakup 5 months ago with his fiance.

We are not "exclusive" but we were just "focusing" on each other. Now we both have had a date with another person but we spend at least 5 hours a week together. He said we are "hanging out"

There are so many definitions of the word hanging out that I am not sure what it really means to the average 55 year old man.


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  • Good question. I guess it would depend less on age and (i) his relationship status (ii) how he got out of his last relationship (iii) what his plans for the future are (iv) whether he's had good or bad relationships in the past and trusts women... etc.

    • Thanks. That helps me hone on on the real issues!

    • Also, I'd say: how lonely he is. A lot of guys in this age group (if they don't have children around, and aren't into a relationship) can be quite lonely and on the lookout for someone whom they could have a good equation with.

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  • Having a meal together, eventually with drinks & coffee, possibly a theater.


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