What is the minimum amount of time you would agree to spend with someone, your girlfriend, in a local relationship?

please explain your answer.

thank you:)

i e.once a week.once a month. once a year, etc.


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  • It really depends on the circumstances. How far away do we live, how busy are both of our schedules, how long have we been together, and how much do I like her, etc. With a new girl, I'd likely try to get out on a date/hang out at least every other week as a minimum if we are both really busy. Most of the time you can at least make time on the weekends though. If we can't find that time, then we can't really be in a relationship... If we had been together for a while and had some sort of obligations were we needed to be in different states for a while for whatever reason, I would try to go there or have here come here ever couple of months I suppose.

    • hmm, yeah you live in the same building. pretty local. just busy.

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    • wow 15 hour days, 7 days a week? Ouch! What do you do?

    • Hike to school. Listen to Lectures. 9-12.

      Organize thoughts. Swim 12-3.

      Write down Notes. Study. 3-6.

      Theater Rehearsal 6-9.

      Hike home. Summation. 9-12

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