Hasn't called yet...should I be worried??

I had a third date yesterday with someone I think I have amazing chemistry with. Anyways, yesterday we were making out, and it led to passionate fun. When he dropped he off ww held a soft kiss for about 5 seconds, and he told me he hopes I sleep well...about 15 minutes later I drop him a text that says "Sweet Dreams." and get a text the next morning that just says "thnxs"

I haven't heard anything since...is this normal? I don't date a lot and I've only been in one "Adult" relationship so I'm not sure what to expect and how long guys like to wait to contact after, and so forth...Should I wait for him to initiate contact first?


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  • you shouldn't have texted him that in my opinion it looks a bit clingy. I would wait for him. and if you gave up too much too soon sex wise you may have fried yourself. I wouldn't go that far that fast.


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  • I'd like to see the answer to this, as I am in a similar situation (but mine replies a million years later but never initiates convo)

  • well, I'd give it about 3 days. If he hasn't called or contacted you by then, well, you have your answer. If "passionate fun" = sex, then I'm sorry this ship may have already sailed. Generally, guys don't stick around after early sex, its usually because they develop an "idea" about what kind of girl you are, and also, which they generally never care to admit, feel kinda crappy for doing it. But keep your fingers crossed. Who knows, he might call.

    • we discussed it before hand incase something happened and he said he wasen't that type of guy, and that he does like me, otherwise he won't be hanging out with me again...just hoping that wasen't a line or something. :/ He knows I've only slept with one other person and knows I have issues with starting a sexual relationship because of how/what happened last time...

      So three days? Alright...

    • yeah, give it 3 days. but some guys will say anything to get into your pants. So never take their word for it... think for yourself. be calculated. hope it all goes well.

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