What should I do - I think I love him?

I met this guy back in February. We tried to date but his father doesn't approve of me. (I'm 16 but the guy's 18). We both still care for each other very much and he told me he loves me. However, he told me he's kissed several other girls in the past few months. I talked to him and he said we're not in a relationship or anything but that he still loves me. I care for him so much but I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to ask him to stop kissing other girls - I don't really have that right as I'm not his girlfriend...

Any and all advice is appreciated!



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  • My deepest advice: Sanction your feelings for him and control / separate yourself from those feelings to develop an everlasting friendship. You and him will both greatly benefit from this.

    If your stout on accomplishing him as a mate:

    1) Find out what, if besides age, his father disapproves of (this requires that you talk directly to him and find out what he truly thinks about you; latter for you to interpret what he "suggests you do" and give it meaning as a course of action (e.g. get a job / become more mature / etc))

    2) Interact with him more and more, go out with him to any event you can (Hardest thing to do because he may bring one of these "potential mates" along, and you must behave honorably (don't start drama / etc))

    3) Trust your gut instinct and act when the moment is right to --> Inspire attraction and tease him / etc. This is your moment to rekindle attraction for each other, but you must wait until both of you are single, capable to hold a relationship (e.g. not burnt about the past / not busy with the future / etc).. It's very hard to tell when the moment is right, so it's purely an instinctual thing based on your interpretation of whether he's warm to your behavior (e.g. teasing him) and reciprocating.

    Sorry, I got distracted while writing this so it's all over the place. Stick to the point of being friends or moving on. It's much easier to accomplish than what I mentioned later, even if it's a tole on your emotions. Not to mention how much easier it will be once you find your next love.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • What have you guys done? How have you fallen for him? I'd like to hear the details.

    • Well, I'm definitely still a virgin but things have gotten pretty heated - if you know what I mean. I'm working on a production (stagehand) with him currently and we spend our time backstage kissing... I suppose the reason I'm falling for him is because he's the first person to ever appreciate me for myself and we're very similar in academics and humor. I suppose he just knows how to make me feel like a real person and not a nerd. :p

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  • I need more details / any way why his father hates you I mean first of all you have to respect his father but this guy is not a child any more he is over eighteen he is an adult on my opinion he have to make his own choices he mustn't let any one choos for him and about him kissing athor girls you can't do any thing about it right now except telling him that it bothers you I can see he is telling you this only to make you jealous for him and so he is kissing athor girls you go kiss athor boys I don't think you have to but it still Fun wish you luck hope you give me more details :D

    • His dad really only disapproves of the age...:p but I respect that he wants his father's approval - he's very family oriented and he would be crushed if his dad disapproved of him.

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    • Thanks :) I really needed to hear that.

    • Wlc always :D wish you Best