How do transition phases affect relationships?

The transition phase I'm most interested in is going from graduating grad school and living at home to preparing to enter the work force and moving out. How would this affect one's willingness to enter a relationship?

Input on other types of transition phases are welcomed.


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  • Since you are still starting out, I would say the influence of your transistion is "negligible." Although, I think completing your upper graduate education can be helpful in attracting partners on a very small underlying psychological level.. The downside? Your new earnings potential may be a factor (as opposed to your own charm or personality). I don't know if it is thought about explicitly, but it might be there on some level. As you continue your transisition and acquire wealth, the attraction power will increase at the expense of increasing the risk of disengenuis relationships.

    The one real solid bonus is moving out. Whether a woman is a career academic or never graduated from HS, nobody likes the idea of treading on the folks to get near her.

    Statistically, female graduation rates are superior to their male counterparts. This means a certain number of women can look forward to a mate that is less educated than themselves.


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