She meant more to me then anticipated! What should I do?

On a language exchange here in Germany and I met this girl during my time here. Super cute and all the guys wanted her.

Everyone knew we liked each other as we were constantly together but never 'made it official' until her last night here.

My problem is that, that night something seemed to change as so far to say it was more than just sex for both of us. I won't go into the details as that's between herself and myself.

But I will say I was more shocked then anyone as it didn't hit me until that night what she meant to me. She was really upset all night and again in the morning at the thought of us parting, it broke my heart!

She made me promise to visit her in France and for her to come to Ireland. But realistically, circumstances etc might prevent this from happening e.g. exams, school, friends etc.

So bottom line question - should I keep in contact with her or just leave it, sparring both of us heartbreak?


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  • I think you should talk to her about the things going on in both of your lives. Figure out exactly how realistic it will be to visit each other and how often it will happen. Then from there ask yourselves if that is enough. Also talk to each other about how long you will be visiting, do you think this could lead to something more to where at one point one or both of you move closer?

    If its not enough or you don't see that in your possible future it might be best to let it end on the sweet note its on and keep her as a good memory.


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  • Yes! Keep in contact! My friend spent a semester in France and he met this girl who he says he will marry lol. I guess they hit it off pretty well, but they both know the circumstances. People don't realize that the world is a small place. As long as you both aren't dead or haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, there's always ways of communicating or finding each other. Obviously, now may not be the time for that, but when both of you are out of school and more settled, it may be easier to make this happen.

    Good luck and don't lose contact with her!


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  • Regardless of whatever happens. Always end on a good note.

    She'll remember you better