The guy I like got locked up - how do I cope?

Long story short we started as friend with benefits & after a lot of advice on here about if he liked me back I finally got my answer last night he text me out of no where and said what are you doing do you still have my b-day present? I said yes why he says "i was just wondering if you were ever going to give it to me" (its been 2 months since his birthday but I would always forget 2 bring it or it would slip my mind) I said it sounds like your trying 2 kick me 2 the curb he says no I'm getting locked up 2moro( he was out on bail and I guess instead of probation he is doing time less than 6 months) I was going 2 come over last night but his phone died & I didn't want 2 just pop up.

This morning he texted me I'm sorry my phone died & I wish it didn't die i said your making me upset Jordan I'm crying he said sorry & that his grandma was the one taking him and they were talking so he couldn't call me. I told him nobody was going 2 snatch me up while he was gone and now he knows how much I really care ill write him. I showed him his b-day present its s snapback with Carolina blue and black he loves Carolina he said awwwww!

I'm really upset I've never liked somebody like this in a while we are NOT together officially I'm not trying 2 rush it I know were both going through a lot and I'm going 2 be there for him no matter what. His friends don't even know he getting locked up so I know I'm special now after all the confusion. I'm trying 2 cope with it I said I'll be here for him & I won't go back on my word I'm a true ride or die chick. I feel bad his baby's mother won't let him see his daughter I can't imagine how he feels. Please I need some good advice not any negative advice everybody makes mistakes.


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  • He's not dieing lady, once he gets out of lockup you guys can be together. Heck, while he's in the jammer you can contact the overseer of the facility and see what the visiting hours are, or if he's allowed letters; I know that it sure would be swell for you to send him something to keep his mind busy and let him know you're doing alright. And regarding his baby-mama, don't worry about it - like I said, the dude isn't going to die. He'll figure it out once he's paid for his crimes.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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