If she know she only wants to be friends why is she trying so hard to keep me around?

Me and my ex broke up a month ago she broke up with me, but I did the stupid thing and tried to move on within 24 hours of the break up which I'll never do again. So my ex said she was done with me completely so 3 weeks go by I find a nice attractive girl and we've been getting close and my ex finds out and automatically wants to come back into my life. So my ex tells me every time we talk "i know we're done for good but I want you back as a friend" and I tell her I can't do that and she gets mad like cusses me out call this new girl I'm talking to names. I blocked my ex on social networks and she gets mad. I ignore her the best way I can and she gets mad. Why is she doing this, if she know she only wants to be friends why is she trying so hard to keep me around


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  • She wants you to chase after her like a lost puppy. The fact that you're talking to another girl is shattering her delusional world. Lashing out is a natural reaction for people who aren't capable of processing negative emotions

    • Yeah my que to leave her alone was when sae said "theres no way we'll ever get back together" so moved on, but she gets mad and everything when I don't talk to her and she told me on the phone it hurts, but it didn't hurt her before we broke up she was ignoring me for 6 days straight

    • She just wants you to feel bad because you two broke up. That's her way of convincing herself that she's a "catch". Just do whatever makes you happy whether it makes her happy or not. You don't have to please her anymore :]

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