Does this mean what I think it means?

i just got back from a two month trip overseas and a guy friend wanted to hang out. we went to dinner and ended up at a movie too (one he didn't really care to see but still went). then he told me he was busy all week but wanted to hang out on the weekend. a few days later (still mid-week) he called me and wanted to hang out anyway.

we usually hang with a group of friends but these past few times it was just us.

does this mean that he is into me or does he just want to hang out?


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  • The answer is "yes." He is probably investigating potential, but regardless of what his intentions are he obviously enjoys your company. If he continues to do so with you without eventually bringing up any interest (say, by the time you've read this) then he just enjoys your company but nothing more. If he suddenly drops off the face of the earth (or significantly reduces time spent with you) then he decided that you weren't for him and/or found a different interest. The alternative would be that he does like you, in which case you would know by now (given that this is three months old). :P

  • He's either into you or at least exploring the possibility of.


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