Why don't you say goodbye?

So anytime I speak to my guy friends- (online chats, MSN and text) I notice that they don't say goodbye...

They just stop replying and the next day I see a message from them. Why is that?

Do you do that?

I mean if you're tired or have something more important to do just tell me...


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  • Good question. I noticed that too and I did come up with an answer for it. Because a Facebook or IM conversation is different from a telephone conversation or a real one. With a telephone conversation, there is an end to it. With a real life, conversation at one point you have to part ways and say goodbye.

    But with a texting, online chat, MSN, Facebook message, it is assumed to be ongoing. So there is no goodbye. Just wait until the next conversation happens.

    • That's the way I look at it. Sometimes I wrap it up and say good bye other times I get distracted and just leave or sign out. Some people,guys and girls get upset but most don't and do the same thing themselves.

  • I usually try to wrap up a conversation, but some people seem to be OK with running conversations that can go on forever at any time of day. I'm fine with them as well if they are interesting people so I just let them go where they may.

    • Out of curiosity do you actively try to wrap up conversations yourself or always wait for the guy to do it?

    • i do, if the chat is boring or if I have to go out or something...

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