How much do you like kissing, and what type of kiss suit you or do you prefer?

You know! I was kind of wondering why do people like kissing so much? By research there are different types of kissing. Among which these five (5) types are very popular;

(1) The French Kiss.

(2) The Butterfly Kiss.

(3) The Single_Lip Kiss.

(4) The Spiderman Kiss.

(5) The Earlobe Kiss.

Soo, Are you the kind of person that like kissing?

which type of kissing suit you or do you prefer the most?

(Please give as much detail as you can.)

  • The French Kiss
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  • The Butterfly Kiss
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  • The Single_Lip Kiss
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  • The Spiderman Kiss
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  • The Earlobe Kiss
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i love it I like french the best I love making out with lots of tongue and passion but it's not so great unless it's a guy I have good chemistry with/feelings for then it's amazing. I only like to do it with guys I am dating

    • Mmmm! Soo what about the other types of kissing, are you not into them or you just prefer the tongue & wet kissing?

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What Girls Said 6

  • Oh I love kissing! :) ha ha I really like the french kiss and single lip kiss. I do like giving the earlobe kiss to my man since it drives him crazy ;) ha ha but I can't say I've heard of the butterfly kiss before. Ill have to look it up haha.

    • hahaha the butterfly kiss is kinda fun, I've never try though but I read about it is drive from the movie "The Spiderman" remember that scene when the spiderman save the girl from the bad guys then he kissed her in the rain while his legs were hanged and his head was... you knw! guess you understand what am tranna say :)

      do enjoy your weekend, take care.

    • Haha oh very nice :) I'll have to try it some time. Thank you, you as well :)

  • i like single lip and french kissing. Sometimes tongue kissing can be a bit much but, its all fun I suppose. I like to bite the guys earlobe (not to hard of course hehe)

    • Hahaha... That sounds fun but be careful with his earlobe don't bit it hard :)

      take care

  • All! But spiderman is fun :D

  • i didn't know there was a million different kinds ha french kissing is fine

    • Haha... Yap there but I guess you just pick the French kiss :)

    • yup lol I kiss well I don't know however it goes down works for me

  • i like single lip

  • I only like kissing if I'm really into the guy otherwise I can't get into the kiss like that. I love the kisses you listed plus all kinds of sensual, sweet kisses on places on the body you may not think of kissing

    Sorry, but I won't be giving a ton of detail because I don't want to share my secrets

    • Ohh C'mon! Pls share the knowledge with us. What secret do wanna keep?

      After all, you appear Anonymous.

What Guys Said 1

  • you're crazy if you don't like kissing! And I'llstick to the ol' fashioned french. Though I like to keep it spicy,so I say my style is more unorthodox than anything