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So I've been seeing a guy for a few months but we live far apart so don't see each other much, only really talk :/ To make matters worse he's moving another 1.5 hour train ride away for a year for work. he's moving into an appartment by himself and we've planned for me to come visit him every once in a while. I was thinking of bringing him a moving in present... in the form of a mug which you can draw on yourself. Id draw the stuff on before giving him it and put stuff to remind him of home like a flag and draw stuff related to private jokes maybe and just stuff I know he likes, such as hobbies etc. Would this be totally lame? he's said he's nervous about moving so it might help (marginally) with homesickness lol Any other ideas are very welcome! Oh and we're not exclusive or anything.. so would giving him anything be a little OTT? thanks


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  • It's a cute idea, I think. If he's a coffee drinker, that would make it even better for him.


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