What did he mean by not now?

I finally told my best friend I was inlove with him and he was shocked. He then later said he isn't saying it will never happen but it just won't happen now.(he meant loving me too) I'm confused by that. I've been waiting for months. He has legit turned me into the girl that waits. And I hate it. I want to know what he meant by it so I can decide if I should either just give up and keep trying to move on or if I should wait longer.


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  • If a girl told me she loved me, I'd be backing off a little too.

    If he has a girlfriend... You need to respect that and back off. Karma sucks... don't break him up. If not, continue reading...

    If I was you, here is how I would handle the situation. Back off of him for a week atleast. NO texts, NO calls, NO contact. If you keep chasing him, he won't see any value in you. You told him how you feel, best thing to do now is to hang out with your friends and don't give him too much of your time. HE WILL text you back I GUARANTEE IT!

    When he finally does, just ease into the dynamics between you two. Keep it short but nice and show him INDIRECTLY that if he doesn't like you, you can find someone else who does :)

    • Its not that he is backing off. Things are normal

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    • Interesting how this question became our own little conversation. Good luck! Let us know how things went.

    • will do

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  • In my opinion you shouldn't wait, If he doesn't want to give it a try now that you confessed his love to him, he won't do it in the future, you can wait for him until you find someone else, but in my opinion your options should be open and you should give yourself the opportunity to date if the opportunity comes along.

  • dont wait. don't wipe hi ff your mp, but go on as if you're just friends. if he decides he wants to give it a try, & you are free- even tho youve been out meeting other people-thden you guys can try, then. but as of now, you just told him how you feel. he knows.

    he didn't say no. instead he put you on the back burner. imo, he should have said no. that's all that is for now. his answer was completely disrespectful.

    he might change his mind in the future. that's the future. he's not in a foreign country, or sick. or working non stop. he's just ambivalent. that's not something to 'wait for'.