What's up with this?

So my guy friend has started wondering a lot about my day and work and what I am up to whenever I see/ talk to him. As in more than normal. It used to be how's it going and now he normally asks me all three. What's up with the weirdness?


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  • Idk...you are there and I am here...however...sounds like he is expressing interest in you...that is what that would mean if it was me do the asking anyway..(:(:(:

    • Yeah but he doesn't make an effort to spend time with me as far as I can tell. Granted who knows with the crazy busy schedules we both keep.

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    • The "sure thing" is not a negative (and I don't believe that anyway) not sure about the "attracted to" that could explain it...but isn't that how this thread started? Wondering why he was expressing interest in you?

    • Well yes just because he is being weird. Still not sure though...and I have a feeling that if was indeed not attracted then maybe that would hinder his performance.

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  • He's probably realized he has intrest for you now.