Looking for the one that got away

How does one go about finding that one that got away almost 40 years ago I have looked on Facebook peopleserch but she may have gotten married and changed her name. I have always wondered...We met in sonoma ca in the mid 70's she was from Petaluma ca hit it off right away but we were both married not to each other every now and then we would get together and...IF ANYBODY CAN HELP


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  • let her go, tommy. That ship has sailed.

    • ok if I must I must

      Now I need a new ship

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    • Well, just think you'll have good company then. lol. Two dusty ships echoing in the dark! Romantic!

    • Ha if this is romence I want off this tub before it sinks I swim like a rock!

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  • Prob could hire a private investigator but that would be your best bet. If I were you I'd just move on like she prob did in her own life. What if you did happen to find her again but she was happily married and had a family with someone else? Would be pretty pointless pitting all that effort and money into finding her.

    • thank you but at my age I don't think it would be pointless at all I would still like to know

    • But what will you do when you do find out? And it wasn't what you were hoping for? Will you be able to handle it?

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