Girls, how would you feel if you know a guy who hates you and you hate him found you attractive

Just wondering, if you mutually hates each other and there has been a lot of hate thrown between you two.

He doesn't like you at all, but you see him trying to control himself because he can't help himself, but bothered by your looks. He doesn't like you at all and you hate him too.

How would you feel in this situation?


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  • ignore him. I don't really hate anyone, but I've met souls I'd prefer not to be on earth with before. Usually I just try to avoid them or ignore them. So, it wouldn't make a difference whether he found me attractive or not. Attraction is fickle anyway.

    • Very true. Thank you.

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    • Thank you, It is everything I needed. Whoever ends up with you is a very lucky person.

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  • lol that sounds familiar...

    when I was in High school there was this guy who eem to hate me and treat me really bad and he would even pull jokes about me... I hate him so much ...

    but in the bottom of our heart we knew we liked each other ...

    at end when he knew I was moving away we became friends and opened our hearts to each other

    • I don't think we are like that though. But, thank you anyways.

    • u never know...i used to think that way ..untill I looked deep into my heart ; )

  • yeah idk.

    there was this guy in high school who acted like he hated me so I always thought he hated me, and I grew to hate him as well. its been 5 years since I last saw him. I see him often now. he comes to my workplace alot. and he actually smiles and says hello to me now. he seems nice now, so I try to be nice too.

    i don't think he likes me though.

    but I think I might be a bit interested in him. I'm thinking about it...

    but if he did like me, that would be VERY surprising.

    i wouldve never thought he would. yeah I would be shocked. I wouldn't know what to say.

    would flustered be the word? or confused? probably both.

    it would be very unexpected.


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