Why does he always come back?

i hooked up with this guy right before he was about to get into a relationship. one of his friends told someone and no joke almost his whole grade found out. people I didn't even know would be like that's the girl he hooked up with. there were all sorts of rumors going around about us. anyways he ended up dating this girl and him & I still hooked up. but eventually him and his girlfriend broke up so they cud hook up with other ppl. so we have continued to hook up... several times (seven to be exact) I'm pretty sure none of his friends know.. even though he's asked me to hook up with him & his besties together. (I said no way) he also said if I told anyone he would break my window. we got in a fight.. a big one... & it basically ended saying that we are done and that we aren't guna talk ever again. but he came back anyways.. he keeps coming back. I have no idea what to do... I need to get revenge... not only by stop hooking up with him.. but I need another way. I'm guna try to stop hooking up with him.. but I really want to hook up with him one last time hoping he brings his other friend.. because that's all I want! but how can I teach this kid a lesson? I need payback.. aka revenge on the d***


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  • Don't speak to him anymore, his ego will lower if you don't paly any attention to him

    • thats not gunna work. he's careless