I asked about our future, how do I interpret his answer?

tonight I asked my boyfriend where he sees our relationship going. we've been together for 8 months, almost 9, and he's mentioned marriage etc a few times earlier in our relationship. sometimes he makes little remarks that seemingly hint at a future, but I feel that I could be over thinking it.

his answer to my question about what he sees for the future of our relationship was "i know that I love you and I want to be with you right now"

in the past 2 months he seemed very serious about buying me a promise ring after we almost broke up over a promise he broke to me about just how much he would drink when he goes out; that promise ring never came, still hasn't and when I recently asked him about it he said that he'll get me one when "he's ready".

i jokingly asked him why he doesn't buy me flowers for no reason and he said he has no money, but yet somehow he has enough to spend on really nice gifts for his parent's anniversary and he's been looking into buying multiple items for himself that are a couple hundred of dollars.

how should I interpret all of this? what should I think? what does this mean in "guy talk"?


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  • did you tell him where _you_ see your future. usually asking that question, is a cop out, unless you say where you see things, then ask where they do.

    anyways, if I said what he said to a guy. id mean exactly that. I love him & want to be with him, right NOW. I'm totally hAppy to be with him, right now. future is future. I know how things r, right now.

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