Is it too fast to say I like her in 2nd date?

Not much happened in my first date. Only went to the mall, lunch and dinner. These are signals that I picked up from her that I think she might be interested in me.

- she kinda smiles a lot to me

- she told me that she will be back again to this city and told me the date too (we are on different city)

- she sometimes bump into me and occasionally touch my shoulder and arm when she want to change direction

- she glance back twice when we separate way.

- she msged me asking if I arrived home and we chatted until night.

Now I'm asking her to meet again if she come again and she agreed. What should I do on 2nd date ? I really like her and think she will be the one for me although this will be the 3rd time I meet her. Should I say I like her ?




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  • Disregard the first commenter below me, they are immature.

    You should tell her you like her. You shouldn't say "I really really like you, I think you're the one for me." it would be better to say something honest but small like "I like you and I am enjoying hanging out with you." or at the end of the date you could say "I like you, and I would really like to see you again, if you would like to too."

    If you have asked her on two dates it is obvious that you are interested in her and if she went to the first one and seemed to have a good time then agreed to go on the second one she seems to like you too, or at least be beginning too. She may not be ready to say back "I like you too" if she doesn't feel like she knows you well enough yet, but don't take offense if she doesn't.

    It's a nice thing to say to somebody "I like you." It's simple and honest and the girl will appreciate you saying it. If you don't say something like this she may get confused why you keep asking her on dates. You don't have to 'play it cool', be yourself and be nice to the girl, which it already sounds like you are anyway :)


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  • yes. dude ya gotta play it cool..


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