Am I wasting my time with a guy that is still texting?

I have started seeing this guy about 2 weeks ago. He is the one that has been texting me first etc. I heard that he had also been texting another girl. So I asked him about it not in anyway bad I just wanted to know so I know where I stand with him and don't look like a mug! He got upset by this and we had fall out. That same night he came to my house and we chatted about it and kinda cleared the air. I thought it was over by his react. He has since been texting me (First again) about books and pizza etc. My mates reckon its because he still likes me and is still interested. But am still not sure where this is going and its very confusing. I am not sure what he wants and if I am actually wasting my time.


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  • Seems like he does like you or else he wouldn't be wasting his time with you.

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