Is it a date if he asks you to the movies by ourselves?

Okay so I met this guy at camp and we flirted non stop, it was super obvious that he liked me. He would try poking me and pretend like he did nothing and we would laugh a lot and he would always sit next to me. That weekend the camp held an after party for the helpers and the whole time we flirted like crazy; he let me wear his hat and sandals and sunglasses etc. and at the end of the night he asked for my number! And and so we've been talking everyday and he asked me to the movies and I was confused weather it was a date or not :)? Please help me thank you :)

Ps he got two free tickets because his friend was gonna go but he can't so were going
And what kind of body language would tell he's interested?


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  • You're under 18, so I'll guess he is somewhere around your age. I know nothing about the guy, so take this as a grain of salt, but I'll give you one idea.

    At that general age(up to 19) a lot of guys have little experience with girls. So they may just say something which makes you think that you guys are just 'hanging out' rather than on a date. Normally going to a movie is not a great first date, but since you two already know each fairly well from camp I doubt it will present a problem. The only problem with it is a lack of conversation, which is sometimes quite a blessing hahah.

    Show up to the movie a few minutes later than when you two are planning on meeting up. If it is a 6:00 movie and you two are meeting up a 5:40, show up at 5:55. That way, he will have already bought his ticket by then, and hopefully yours. If he buys yours, it is a date. Whereas if you met at 5:40 like you planned on, when you got to the ticket window there is a chance his 'courage would fail' and he would just ask for one ticket.

    If there is one thing I fear on a first date, it is the chance that when I buy two tickets, or say the two of us are on one bill(restaurant) that the girl will say something along the lines of "Oh, you don't need to pay for me." or "We're just friends, you don't need to buy my ticket/dinner!".

    By showing up late, you'll have a much better chance of him buying your ticket. Its much easier to say "Hey there! About time you got here. *as you are walking to the ticket booth* Oh, you don't need to get a ticket, I have one for you." At that point, he has already paid for it so there is not really a chance of you saying 'No'

    My guess, even if he doesn't by your ticket, he want's it to be a date. The first few times I went to a movie with a girl as a first-non-date I wasn't really sure whether I should buy my friend-girl's ticket or not.

    If he does buy you ticket, it is definitely a date, or he at least wants it to be. If he doesn't, I'd watch his body language for signs of interest/attraction. Hint: The feet rarely lie.

    • Thank you for te advice! And I forgot to mention he got two free tickets from his friend I don't know if that means anything.. Him and his friend were gonna go but he can't so we are going..

    • You're welcome! And getting free tickets goes neither for nor against. But, it does mean he'd rather go with you than someone else!

      As far as what body language to look for...

      Dilated pupils(just enlarged pupils really) are a sign of attraction. If when you're sitting, his knees or feet point towards you, or in your general direction(it'll be hard for them to point straight at you).

      If he keeps glancing at you throughout the movie he's interested.

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  • If it hasn't been said, then it's a tough call. It can easily be denied as a date, even if he pays. Ask him if this is a date. You don't need to be shy or coy about it. Just ask him. Nicely. See what he thinks. But yeah it might be a date. I think if he pays it's still deniable, but you kiss then it's a lot harder to deny. Still I don't think it's the worst idea in the world for you to ask, seeing as you're so unsure.

    Think about it.

  • Didn't mean to click post yet on that last comment. But, if he touches his face or neck fairly often than he is probably nervous. If he mimics your body position he is definitely interested. Also, feel free to 'accidentally' brush your hand against his and see if he responds.


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