Girls, a scenario when first meeting two guys, how do you act?

Lets say you meet two new guys who are friends with each other. You are in conversation with both. Do you find it easier to talk to the guy you are more attracted to or his friend that you are less attracted to?

Now lets say the two guys are both engaging in conversation, but they are confused about which one should pursue you. How should they know which one you are interested in?

*Explanations are always appreciated

  • I find it easier to talk to the guy that I am less physically attracted to
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  • I find it easier to talk to the guy that I am more physically attracted to
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  • Atm they will both be treated the same.. untill one expresses comfort with me. I will tend to find it easier that one. The more attractive one would have more of my attention though.


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  • I find it easier to tlk to the guy I'm not attracted to.

    There are no butterflies getting in the way?

    How will they tell which one of them I want?

    I have no clue, I'm backwards in some of the things I do.

  • if they are both intersting, it's the person I (or the girl) stare at the most. I mean if you start getting interested in someone, you feel the need to be somehow, always staring at them.


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