Should I just call her or should I wait for her to contact me?

A girl I used to go out with for a little over 3 months and I ended because we were both looking for different things, I wanted a relationship and she just got out of one and didn't want to rush into anything. Anyways, long story short she started seeing someone else, but ended things with him. Me and her saw each other out one night (we have the same group of friends) and she said we should have a heart to heart, I said OK. She said she was jealous seeing me talk to other girls when we would go out as a group of friends, and hated knowing I was. She said she didn't want to end things with me when we stopped seeing each other. We ended up talking for awhile and I asked about the other guy she was seeing and she said they were over, I asked why and she said "it just didn't work out, we don't even talk anymore."

I brought up the idea of going on a date since we were both single now and she said she never wanted to end things with me to begin with, and neither did I - and the fact that neither of us were over each other. She loved the idea and said yeah that sounds great. We talked the next day and she reminded me she was going away with a group of girl friends for about a week which they planned a long time ago, and said she also had to work like a week straight to make up shifts she traded with people to even get the vacation time, but would let me know when she was free to go out. She texted me almost everyday on her trip and asked me when I was going to visit since a group of my friends and I had plans to go to the same area and would be around each other. She called me and asked too and texted me the next day saying "I hope you come" and everything, but my plans with friends fell through, so I didn't end up going. We kept talking when she got home. She has a busy job in a tough work field and had to stay late cause of rare circumstances her first couple days back. So we didn't talk yesterday, or so far today.

My question is although I know she's busy with work and everything and it's stressful: should I wait for her to contact me and tell me when she can go out? Or should I take matters into my own hands and call her to check up and make sure she still wants to? Thing is I don't want to seem like needy or anything by chasing her and asking when she's free again and all that, I'd just like to know what's going on. So should I wait it out and wait for her to contact me when she can? Or should I just send her a text or just call her or something when I know she's not working and just ask about her day or something then ease into the "so have you figured out a day you're free?" or something like that?

The rare circumstances thing by the way, although it sounds sketchy I know for a fact it's legit cause her friends who I am friends with from her work told me it was crazy and she even posted about it on Facebook. So it isn't another guy if that's the way it sounds. Just thought I should add that after re-reading the post.


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  • Or should I take matters into my own hands and call her to check up and make sure she still wants to?

    Do this but in a short succinct way. Just ask her, "Hey so how bout dinner on _____ at ____?"

    If she says "no" and doesn't give you anther time that would be better, she is probably not that interested.

  • No girls ALWAYS liked to be chased and we always wait for the guy to contact us other wise we think he's not interestedd.


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