Do you care about anything other than sex? If so what & how much more / less important is it to you?

Age 18-22

Do you care about anything other than Sex. Within, a relationship?

do you care about

How much more than sex do you care about it. If more.

How much, less than Sex, do you care about it, if less?

1-10 order of importance. (If there's more than Sex:-)

This Question is for Women as well.



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  • iam still not too entirely confident in relationships or having one again. rarely now do I ever get that feeling of even wanting to cuddle. just the odd day where ill get really horny and want to f***. eventually I may hop on the relationship train again not sure when though :P

    • When you were in a relationship, what was important to you:)

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    • she was unfaithful, claimed she wanted a break or whatever. so we broke up. I guess she thought the grass was greener on the other side. guess she found out she was wrong and now wants to be with me again. I don't want to be with her. were still friends though. and yes the sex was lame, with me doing 100% of the work every time.

    • ok. I get it ;-) thanks for a detailed answer.

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  • I'm 21. I'd care about having a relationship with someone, to get to know them and have that experience.

    Sex would be of 0 importance honestly. I just don't see myself pursuing after just one aspect of a relationship. I can get very intimate, but that's something that I give respect to, it's something special.

    • @that's something that I give respect to, it's something special. I relate to that.

  • Testosterone makes us hornier than older men, but we are equally as interested in love. Our sex drive is on high gear, while older dudes are like on first or second.

    • So, what other things are you interested in. & how much, in relation to Sex.

      This is not an attack. I'm just curios, as to what's important to young people, in relationships. and in the order of importance:)

      I am directing it at everyone. not just guys ;-)


    • I would say good sex and good company are equal, at least in my eyes. Love is at the top but f***ing hard to find, at least the real stuff, and not the bullsh*t everyone calls love nowadays.

      "I love you, you are like my star and universe." ... .yea sure, I wish.

    • lol yeah, right ;-)

  • As far as girls for relationships go, I rate them 60% off of looks, and 40% off personality. However, they have to a minimum of 6/10 personality for me to go on three dates with them.

    And Then I'll go against the norm and say Face>Legs>Ass>Breasts.

    As far as the actual relationship goes

    Sex is a wonderful bonus, but I don't need it. I dated a girl(who was a virgin) last year for about five months, and she is still a virgin. We broke up because of something completely unrelated to sex.

    If the girl can't carry a deep conversation with me I can't date her. If she and I have nothing in common(other than that we like sex) I won't date her. I've fairly high standards, but sex is not among them. So I'll give it a 3/10.

    And At the same time, if I'm with a sexually active girl, I'm quite fine with hooking up twice a day.

    I will say though, I'm about as far from the average guy as possible.

    • i think face/ lrgs/ ass/ breasts. is very commn, actualy,

      Interesting you rate Sex, as 3 out of ten. but looks at 60% that's a bit odd.

      I think, if a relationship s 60-% looks & 40% personality. that's pretty much sex being more important than other things.

      In my question, I guess I wasn't specfic, I thought td be implied that Sex, includes attraction.

      What is important that you like to do or have. but appearance is based on sexual attraction. what do you do with it, but be attracted to it?

    • Nah, most guys rate legs at the end behind face.

      I'm naturally somewhat shallow when it comes to looks, and I really can't help that. That's just what I'm attracted to. I also said the personality has be a minimum of 6/10.

      Sexual attraction is based on appearance, but attraction most certainly does not imply sex

      What's important? She needs to be intelligent, have a few similar interests as me, be willing to try new things. What do you do with it? Be attracted to it. Claim it. Do w/e.

  • At age 18-22, I think sex was in my top 3 things I cared about. My grades being up there too. But honestly, sex was a huge thing. Relationships? Not so much, unless it led to sex.

    I was in college and it seemed like everyone was getting more sex than me, and it preyed on my mind a lot. I was never getting enough.


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