Girls, when you tell a guy he is not your friend?

But its obvious that you talk to him as if he was (or in some cases, you give him way more attention than one if your regular friends) what are you trying to tell him?

This girl says that to me when I ask her, but the way she looks at me, talks, jokes and smiles and gives me those "glances" make me think that I'm at least in the friend zone, hell, all our friends think we are friends, but she never wants to admit it, why is this?


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  • This sucks for guys. I do this just to have fun. It's nothing personal. It's just a little fun that I have in my drama in my mind. I don't mean to be hurtful and since the guy doesn't complain or do anything to show that he doesn't like it, I don't stop.

    But you are talking about it now, so maybe I'll be more considerate to the feelings of others kkkk~~


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