Is it the summer time fun or is she gone for good??

Lately I've been thinking about me and my ex, we dated for 2.5 years, just like every relationship we had our bumps and bruises, far from perfect. So summer comes along I made a promise to my ex that this summer will be all about getting closer, so June comes we're perfectly fine for the first week, went to her dads 5 out of 7 days and we cuddled up watched movies, walked and talked about life and our future together. Her parents are separated so she goes to her moms one week dads the other and so fourth. Well after that Sunday I left her dads I swear she had wrote me a long as text about how thankful she is for me. While the next day she goes to her mom's, she ask me to come swimming I went over there and there was something that wasn't right her friend and her family was there but my ex didn't talk to me (we was together then) like her friends mom and dad was around. so I'm like okay then her friends parents leave and she tries to talk me, being mad and confused I really couldn't say anything. Well after that she spends the whole week with them didn't text me once I texted her to ask what was going on she kept saying she was busy, so I just got tired of it and said if you don't have time for me then just leave me and she did. The next day she heard I talked to a girl and she blows up, and she said that hurt her so bad, now she says she can't get back with me. So I face it I still want her and I love her, she's only been over her dads twice since she became close with this family and that's all who she with, I bumped into her at the mall she was with them. She came into my work today to give me my class ring she was with her friends parents. My ex has called me a couple of times asking to be friends but I can't I love her and want her but she don't want the same like out of the blue she no longer wants me, I feel its the friends parents putting stuff into her head about me, but I'm honestly not bad and she would never act like this out the blue. Its like as soon as she became close to this family she no longer wants me around, she pawned my promise ring I bought her and gave back my class ring. its just something I'm confused with how are we fine one week then the next you don't know me know more...Is it the Summer time fun or is she gone for good, which would you pick and explain


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  • Regardless of which it truly is, I think it's kind of weird for her to be having change of hearts that way.