How can I get things more serious between this guy and me?

WE met threw an ex friend of mine, it was her ex that turned friend. He thought I was cute and tried to get her to give him my number but she never did even tho I told her too. SO I went on fb and a week or so later added him and we messaged one another . I gave him my number and the next day or so we went out. He picked me up, too me to dinner, and imax, I kissed him in the imax, later went back to his place I ended up hooking up with him. BEST SEX I"VE EVER HAD. We went to chill back at my place cause my friend and her man were their so he ended up staying and making out a bit more then just staring into my eyes till like 3 am almost 4. HE asked me to a party the next but I said no cause I'm trying to not party so much anymore. WE didn't talk much for a wile. And then we hung out at my place a week ago. Had a quickie since everyone was home , made out on the couch a bit. my mom was getting annoyed cause my cushion was staying over so she wanted him gone and it was like 2 am. SO he started to put together again my salt water tank filter since my uncle didn't do it right. I ended up basically kicking him out cause my mom started to get really pissy. He left again looking all upset and broken looking. Every time we try and get together things so wrong and we never get to chill. What can I do to make him see me on a more serious note? like girlfriend material? I really like him. He knows I'm about to move to cali and he's about to go to army I think it was training. so really nothing could happen but I mean theirs always that one in a million shot . And even he said theirs a base in Cali so maybe if something did happen, I don't know I'm getting too far ahead. Anything I can do now to help?


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  • Most guys I know that joined the army got stationed in Kansas or Alaska or somewhere on the east coast, not many in Cali (I live out here in Cali) but you never know. I'd just simply tell him how you feel. Seems like he likes you. But I wouldn't getyour hopes up too much since you both are having big changes occur in your life and most likely will be apart.