Guys: How big a deal is when your girlfriend told you she's not happy?

This question is especially for shy guys. If you really love her but she wasn't happy due to lack of communications on your behalf mostly because you are anti social, would you break up with her so that she can find someone who can make her happy?

In a girl's point of view, she wouldn't break up with her boyfriend because he isn't happy. She would compromise and find ways to make him happy. But I find that guys just leave...they don't find solutions.


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  • To be perfectly honest, at this point I would blow her off, as soon as I heard the words "I am not happy." It isn't my job to make her or anyone else happy. Too often women put the burden of their happiness on a man's shoulders, and that is just unreasonable. The only person that can make you happy is you. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone else to "make you happy". It would be my job to make her feel loved, if I am not doing that, then I would listen.

    If I were just anti social by nature, then there isn't much I could really do about it though. You can't expect someone to be something they were never meant to be, and it wouldn't be fair to ask that. If I were antisocial because I lacked confidence and experience around people, then I would need her support in learning better social skills. If she isn't willing to help me overcome such an issue, then it clearly isn't important enough for her to bring up in the first place.

    I don't mind compromising, and learning new social skills, but I can not change who I am. Nor would I want to change who I am. I certainly wouldn't leave her because of that. That is, unless she is constantly going on, and on, about how unhappy I make her. I don't need to be around someone that makes me feel at fault all the time.


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  • Yes finding someone your compatible with is key to happy relationship so it's better to just break up

    • But if you really love her would you be willing to break up so that she can find someone who can make her happy?

    • It would be a difficult decision but yes

  • If she's my girlfriend? Very big deal...what the hell, the biggest deal. I won't be happy if she isn't so gotta do what I gotta do.

    • which is doing what?

    • Whatever it takes to fix the problem. I'm not one to let someone get so close, then just disappear. That just plain f****** hurts. Both of us.

  • I'd say I was successful at pissing her off. I get turned on, pissing women off

    • It really just sort of depends on the situation. Why should I stay with a girl who cheated on me, right?

    • It's not about cheating. It's just lack of communication where it can be few days and still he never text or call.

    • I never f***ing said it was god damn cheating, OK? damnnn, I was giving a f***ing depends on the god damn guy in the situation and the situation it f***ing self

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