Confront the guy once and for all?

should I just ask him straight up if he is still interested in me because I'm tired of waiting... we have been up close and personal then one day he told me he's not feeling well and now only sends me a message a day... then I see this ho on his wall flirting with him on Facebook. I fell for this boy. HARD :( HELP GUYS


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  • It's so hurtful and frustrating when that kind of thing happens. You fall for him, then, bam he's not there anymore. I've been there.

    Asking a guy where things are going NEVER works! When you start talking about the relationship they RUN as fast as they can. Don't focus your attention on him, actually don't give him attention for a while. I know it's hard, but if you're not there, he will probably wonder where you went!

    Focus it on yourself and flirting with other guys.

    You need to feel good about yourself before you contact him again, and flirtitng with other guys is a big helper. he isn't the only guy in the world. Wait 5 days to contact him, unless he starts it. And don't be heavy or ask about "us." Just flirt like you did in the beginning and let him remember what it felt like in the beginning.

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  • Ask him straight up.


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  • First don't feel bad because I won't be the first time and I seriously just went through this like 2 weeks ago the guy asked me out and I couldn't because I didn't have a baby sitter and he was like oh things that happen at the last minute don't worry some other time and then he was hardcore flirting with me and the next week I asked him out to go get a drink and he told me that he was going to a friends kids party and that afterward he wouldn't be able to go cus we wouldn't be able to find a after that I just gave up haven't texted him in almost a week... and that night I went out with a couple of Fridays and probably had more fun if I were to go out with him. so for real step back because I noticed some guys don't know we were the last left their balls ... it will be hard at first but don't sink to their level! Be Strong GF

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