Girlfriend keeps me hanging?

She broke up 2 days ago (PMSing, its her time of the month) But she keeps texting me normally. She talks the same way as she did before, but she cut it off. I even asked her what do you want? She said I don't know so you can do as you please.

I don't know what I should do, should I talk to her about it or just ignore and give her space?

I forgot to mention, it's long distance


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  • Shes seeing some1 else. Straight up. If she wasn't seeing some1 else, she would still be with you.

    She cut it off cause she's always with buddy, and she wants you to do as you please cause she's doing as she pleases.

    Dont text her or talk to her, and watch her run back to you. And when I mean no texting or talking, DONT TEXT HER! OR CALL! EVEN IF SHE TEXTS YOU. MAKE HER CALL YOU. Show her what its like to dissapear on some1. And she will regret it.

    • thats not true at all. its long distance..she might not be feeling the love and doesn't know where to turn

    • long distance, for sure she's seeing some1 else. If she loved him and she was far away, she would still show him love aka sweet voice every time they talk. But clearly she doesn't wanna show him that sweet voice, so she shows him the tyrant. So I'm guessing she's annoyed with speaking to him, and she is pushing him away purposely to let some1 else in. Normally this is what happens

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  • if its long distance..she might not be feeling the love and doesn't know where to turn

  • if you wanna stay with her, talk to her about it. if not, cut all ties


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  • She's demoted you to friend. You get no boyfriend privileges (sex, making out, whatever) but she still gets all the friend stuff from you, so it's ideal for her. Talk, text, complain to you about stuff that upsets her, and have you listen to her and do favours for her.

    Man up. Dump her. Cut her out of your life. Then get someone new in your life.