What's going on between us? What do I do?

My friend wanted me to ask this for her. Four years ago, my friend dated a guy two years older than her for four days, then broke up with him because she thought he didn't give her enough attention. Keep in mind, this is a guy from summer camp she sees once a year from the other side of the state. Well, now he has a posse of girls that flock him, and she's moved up to higher classes than him so she doesn't see him as often, but she still likes him. They say about three words to each other every summer, but seem to really connect like they did four years ago. What should she do? She tells me she thinks about him all the time throughout the year. The guy also recently asked her to be his Facebook friend, without her asking.

Please do not comment with snarky things like, 'Oh get over him', or 'He has a posse and is two years older. Let it go'

She trusted me to get real, honest advice, because she's in love.



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  • Real, honest advice HERE?

    You get the honesty for one side of the story.

    It sounds as though they may a couple waiting to happen. They can get to know each other under as best Facebook lets them --- that is, without face-to-face contact. They can text each other. There are more possibilities than limitations. :-)


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