Is she finally giving in after months of being "difficult"?

A few weeks ago I noticed that the girl I'm interested in is giving me "nicer" attention than usual. She us usually sarcastic and mean to me (playfully) but now we are just talking and she seems to enjoy it a lot and says that "its great to be able to interact like this".

So now she laughs at my jokes easily, she giggles a lot when we talk, she gives me flirty glances when we tease each other and she smiles a lot and look down or away.

So yesterday I saw her. didn't want to be to eager so I walked by casually beside her, she looked at me and gave me a kind of dry "hello" to which I looked at her, smiled and replied and ad soon as I did, she had this BIG smile on her, looked down really quick and kept smiling and blushing a bit (and all I did was say hello) and I don't think it was the of "just saying hello" smile because she looked away really fast.

She is shy so I know she won't make it obvious but the way she had been acting towards me make me think she finally gave in and het attempts to "hide" her emotions are failing lol. Am I being crazy here?


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  • i think she likes you, just my opinion. you can ask her to be completely certain though

  • Well why don't you ask her out and find out?

    • Im not the kind of person who ventures wildly into things. I need to hear some opinions and form a hypothesis from there. If I ask het out and she says no and atarta acting weird, then I know I won't talk to her again and that'll be a bit of a shame.

    • I'm sure you will live and get over it tbh unless you ask you won't know and of you don't wanna know that bad then it's fine not to do anything

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