Should I go with my feelings and leave him?

We have been dating a year, and he kept saying that he wants me to have his baby and at first I did not then I finally said yes and then he said that he is scared and claims he wants to wait. I am so hurt over it cause he kept asking me and asking me. Not to mention he took me to NYC Vera Wang to try on wedding dresses, had me pick out my ring and now nothing. He wants to wait till my divorce is complete. He won't move in but, yet we look at homes all the time that he mentions by the way not me. He is great with my two children but, I am disappointed with him bringing stuff like this to the table and not following through with it. I have talked to him about it and he says that he wants us to build together and eventually it will happen. The last straw was the baby I just can't look at him the same way, I don't feel like talking to him on the phone, not really wanting to spend time with him either. What is happening to me? Also, he won't spend the night and when he does try to spend the night he has to leave at 2AM or 4 AM because of his construction business.


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  • You are probably very disappointed in him, and that's why you don't want to talk to him at the moment. To me it seems like he really likes you and wants to have a future with you. But is scared that you might stay with the other guy and not divorce. Therefore he wants to make sure that after you guys are 100% divorced and have nothing to do with each other, then he wants to make sure you are all his.

    It also seems like he is a bit inscure, but it's Okaay. Try to work it out. You guys have been dating a year. Hardly any relationships nowadays last that long. So why let this time stop you guys? I mean like didn't you guys go through a lot together? Work it out. Not everything works out right, but there is always a solution. Find it.

    Hope everything works out. :)