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So I take a 4 week summer course and meet this really nice girl who I hang out with a lot and she really seems to like me. I keep trying to ask her out and she says she wants to but she says to wait and I get impatient but she says she really does want to and she isn't just blowing me off. Today some other guy in class starts hitting on her and trying to get her to hang out with him after our class ended. I had to leave because I got really annoyed. Is she just lying to me?


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  • Did she accept this guy's request to hang out? If she did, she was not being truthful with you but that is not uncommon. A lot of people are flat out uncomfortable saying no.

    Beyond that, if you have asked her out multiple times and she says she wants to go out but never accepts, it is up to you to consider at what point that seems rude or thoughtless behavior. Personally if I really like a guy I would be afraid to say no too many times and have him lose interest. She doesn't seem that worried about you losing interest. Not a good sign.

    • If after this happened she says she got me gift that she wants to give me on Monday when we have class does that mean anything? I'm not trying to be blind she always sounds like she wants to hang out with me and gets annoyed when I act like she's lying to me but it's just hard to believe her.

    • All sorts of things happen in the dating world that can be difficult to read. I have seen people that seem sincere in wanting to hang out but never follow through. I have found there are some that love attention and lead others on. Some people are just not honest with themselves either. She could believe she wants to hang out, but somewhere deep inside she is pulling back and she is out of touch with that. If you have patience, wait it out a little longer.

    • ok thank you :)

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  • Sorry, but it sounds like yes, she was lying. Clearly she enjoys your company and doesn't want to scare you off by telling you she wouldn't date you so tells you to wait instead.

    • but I tell her "sry if I'm bugging you to go out too much. If you don't want to its fine" and she responds annoyed saying that she does want to.

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  • wow I can't believe people just can't be straight with how they feel. like the girls said I don't think she's interested and she probably went to hang out with the other guy.

    • yes. It's annoying can't just tell me if she doesn't like me.