What's the best way to act around girls

I know be yourself and all that but should you be laid back, high in energy, aloof etc


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  • Everyone wants a guy who is sweet, caring, outgoing, and someone who isn't scared to be themselves. Make them feel comfortable with you by acting silly & asking questions. Don't be jealous & clingy. Leave her wanting more.


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  • You smoke pot? = o

    Well, I think you hve the right idea, though.

    Maybe putting more energy into it, or being alittle more energetic would help.

    It would make you seem engaging, and fun to talk to. It'll make being around you happier and lighter.

    But me personally, I like laid-back quiet guys. Maybe because I'm a litle more aggresive when it comes to them. I wouldn't want you to change, personally.

    I would tellyou be yourself, but I won't. = )

    Because you asked me not to. x DD

    • Haha well thanks for the insight, ill keep it in mind

  • What type of person are you?

    • Well I'm laid back, I smoke a lot of pot so that contributes to it because I'm mostly high around girls which isn't good in my opinion... my issue though is that the more energetic cocky friends of mine get all the attention from girls when we are in a group and they don't even look my way... could be my looks but I don't know I should probably be more in there but it doesn't feel like me

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