He loves talking about himself..

I'm pretty socially awkward, which you will probably be able to tell from this question:

The guy I've been seeing loves talking to me about his job, family, the sports team he plays on etc...

I love hearing all about it, because I feel like I am getting to know him better as a person.

However, I feel like he usually carries the weight of our conversations. Don't get me wrong, he still asks me questions and says things like "what about you?" or "is it the same with you?" - but maybe because he's very chatty, once I ask HIM a question, he can go on for a long time about it lol!

I'm taking this as a sign of interest from him - since I know guys like to impress etc.

But how can I somehow take back some of the weight of our conversations..would it be weird if I just start volunteering up information about myself, or is that rude to chirp in with something when someone is so exctiedly talking about themselves haha

and when I'm talking about myself to him, he is a really good listener - so I don't think he's being self centered or anything


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  • I'm a bit like him.

    One thing is that he may feel compelled to talk about himself to keep the conversation going. I've certainly been in the situation where I'm with a girl who is kind of passive, and that makes me feel like I need to talk more.

    Truth is, he may actually be a bit relieved if you take over the conversation sometimes.

    I mean for me, I think it's a mixture of the fact that I get passionate talking about certain things and there's often a lot on my mind, and also that I want to just keep the conversation flowing. But if I'm into a girl, I want to know what's going on in her head and her life, so I don't think I would mind if she turned the tables.


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  • Sometimes that happens to me, don't know how to or can't really shorten the story much he may also be a little socially awkward.

  • Go ahead and offer up information about you, especially if its something you think he needs to know about you. Sounds like you're pretty aware of who's doing most the talking, so as long as you feel you aren't talking way too much you're fine :).


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