Dating. Did dating make your mark drop?

I'm a 16 years old girl, and have never dated before. I kind of want to, but my parents don't let me since they want me to do good in school (my parents are Asian). So if I do date I feel like I'm betraying them. But then again I'm scared myself that I'm grades might drop. Sinc school is pretty important to me.

So I was wondering when you dated did you mark drop? Is there anyway to prevent this?


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  • It depends on how much of your time you start spending on boys. If you spend a lot of time with a guy, or are always on the phone with him, you could hurt your grades. Your parents likely are not as worried about your grades, as they are about you going out with boys. They just are not ready for you to grow up yet. Maybe you could make some sort of deal where you are always chaperoned and keep your grades up. If they limit how often you see the guy, and how often you are allowed on the phone with him, it shouldn't hurt your grades.

    • But if I don't spend enough time with him, won't he feel like I'm avoiding him or something? Because I know with people are dating they are like talking to each other on the phone 24/7 pretty much.

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    • That's a good point. Do I tell him about the restrictions my parent put on me befre dating or while I am dating?

      Also if I give him space won't he feel I'm really distance, because I know that in some relationship this is the problem, and so they just end up breaking up :/

    • I would tell him about any restrictions first, so that he will know what he is getting into, but depending on what restrictions are put on you, that may not be necessary. If the space you give him is because of your parents he should understand, and you could also do things like leave notes for him to find, and mail him a letter so that he will hear from you, even while you can not talk to him. That way he won't feel you are distant.

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  • If you get a boyfriend, expect to give any free time you have, away. Expect to get laid, expect to take responsibility for everything there. Knowing how women usually don't like to be held accountable for sh*t, not always but usually.. I'd say hold off on it. All you're going to get is more drama.

    My marks were already low when I was in HS, I didn't give a sh*t, and felt isolated from society, I had my own issues, and stories for that.. my experiences weren't the same as many others and couldn't relate to most people. Like Sports for instance, I can't be bothered, most involve a ball, and or throwing it in some form of net, or space. to me, knowing this, I'd have no motivation to play any sport in that nature. Back to the point.. Don't do anything you don't feel ready to be responsible for. Do what is important first. Guys will always be around. The "follow your heart" junk and finding "true love" to me is all junk and impractical in many ways. Love isn't the beginning. It isn't the means to an end. It is what you find at the end. Many guys will be around. Finding drama is easy, avoiding it is harder than you think. I've been avoiding it for quite a few years. Every time I get to close to people, they start sh*t up because they can't live with my choices. With that, said, expect drama. Sorry for the rant, but I felt like going in depth with your question, hope I helped, best of luck.

    • Woah.. You are kindof the first guy ever to say that follow your bear is junk xD Ahaha. And yeahh it kind of helped. Thanks. :D

    • Following emotions isn't going to help you in a logical way, you might feel better about yourself, but, would you be happy in the long run or merely in the moment?

    • Probably just in the moment. But as for now I can't seem to fid a guy that I truly like. Like the person that makes your heart race faster when you see him. :/ I'll probably wait and see, then decide.

  • Haha the people that date the academic girls, always become whipped into doing their homework. It shouldn't let your marks drop, it depends if he is in the same class you will most likely be suffering distractions and miss important things. Also you may decide to spend time with him instead of studying etc. If you can ignore those and the "come on, you can study any time" Stuff, if you have a time of day you do work/study you have a habit and don't want that broken. With that said it may not be as easy as you think to start dating lol.

    • Bu then again if I don't get distracted from him in class. He may think I am ignoring him. If I always tell him I have to do my homework and don't give him time, wouldn't he just end up breaking up with me, since I don't have enough time for him?

    • If you explain to him from the start you can't get distracted in class and say something like your parents make you do homework everyday at whatever time..

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  • If you date the right person, no your grades will not drop. If you date someone who is not respectful of your time and academic responsibilities, then it will put a strain on both your relationship, and your grades. I have been in successful relationships where they actually motivated me to do better, and helped me in school. There have been others however, that have wasted my time and I took too much time working on my relationship rather than focusing on school. It's all about finding the right person. If you find someone who is just as academically focused as you are, it may work very well.

    • It's hard to find the right person nowadays :/ I can't seem to find a person that makes my heart race faster than usual when I see him.

      How would you know if he is right?

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    • Why not? I rather find the guy I'm going to spend my life with, rarer date other people knowing it won't work out.

    • Well personally I think it's just because you have time so you don't need to worry about finding a life partner right now, especially because you are going to meet many many more people in your life. I'm not saying just date around, there's always that possibility that you meet them early, make sure you date someone you DO think is worth your time, but I personally think it's too early to think of settling down.

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