How to handle her. anybody please

how do you deal with girls who don't make effort ? by the way me and her have been going out for 9 months. she made the effort in the beginning of the relationship.


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  • [1.] Tell her how you feel.

    [2.] Give her a chance to make a change, to step up.

    [3a.]The, If she makes the effort, great, stick with her.

    [3b.] If she makes no effort, then you know that little opening in the wall, it's called a door. You walk out it and don't turn back.

    Yeah, it takes communication to fix some things.

    If you already have, good, I'm proud of you. If not, cool, I'm still proud for you.

    I have your back, you can do this! =)


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  • No effort = "I don't care about you". Go out with female friends, and make a point to take plenty of pics with your female friends posting them on Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Your girlfriend will see them and either a) get EXTREMELY JEALOUS or b) not care at all. If it's b) you MUST dump her. You need to make number one happy, and if she doesn't then you change her for someone who appreciates you. The same is applied the other way around.