How much experience does it take to become a good or decent kisser? Please read additional questions.

Once a person has their first ever kiss, how much experience does it take for them to get better at kissing, including making out? Does it just depend on the number of partners they kiss, or how many times they've kissed? What other factors affect a person's kissabliity and how soon they can be considered a good kisser? Anything else you'd like to share is welcome.


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  • It really just depends on the person. As well as who you are kissing.

    For example, the first girl I made out with was ridiculously more experienced than I was, and when we stopped the first thing she said was "Goddamn you're a good kisser."

    Made me quite happy. hahah

    But then, some people prefer more tongue, or less tongue. Or they may prefer you to be gentle, or passionate. Or any other possible combination.

    It really just takes practice with the person you are with. If you're a fast learner, I doubt it takes long at all.


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  • a few minutes. it isn't hard to kiss well but it is harder to find someone it is really enjoyable to kiss