Should I call her or wait

So me and this girl have been dating on and off for the past 2 years. Long story short she the thought of making a commitment really freaked her out and recently we both finally blew up over the whole situation with me saying I couldn't deal with it anymore and her saying she couldn't keep doing this to me anymore because she couldn't give me what I wanted, (a girlfriend) because of her commitment issues. Its been a little over a week since I've last talked to her, and its hard being that the longest we've ever gone without speaking to each other was only one day if that. At this point should I wait and see IF she decides to call me, or should I make the initiative, (like always) and contact her...I REALLY miss her, she's been like my best friend.

Ok, so after that wee of not talking I caved and things god back to normal - in the sense that we became friends again which is something I REFUSED to be with her...JUST friends only because I would drive myself crazy wondering WHATS she doing and WHOSE she with because I don't have that trust with her...anyway I stopped talking to her altogether, actually got mean with her and said some messed up things only to get her to hate me so she wouldn't initiate contact w me...
I unfriended her on all social medias and even deleted her number so I wouldn't feel tempted to call her, Although I did find that I still had it on my ipad. anyway its been a month since I've seen or heard from this girl, I've gone out done my thing but still can't get her out of my mind. Am I in the wrong here? should I call/ text her? should I just wait until I eventually see her out, because its going to happen sooner or later. Should I Just forget about her.


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  • In this type of situation, waiting always makes it more complicated.If you really miss her, and care about her as much as I think you do then you will call her asap (like now!). Waiting always makes things worse, so don't waste anymore time and tell her how you really feel. Opening up should make her feel comfortable enough to tell you how she feels. If she feels the same way about you, then you guys need to talk and discuss where to go from there. If you care enough about her to work with her and her commitment issuses, then do so. Judging by where you left off I can say that you put her in a position where she felt pressed into chosing commiting with you or leaving you. It appears to me she chose leaving you since she said she couldn't keep doing this to you anymore because she couldn't give you what I wanted (a girlfriend). Then maybe your relationship would be better as a friendly basis.


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