What's wrong with me help?

I just turned 27 and I still can't get a girlfriend. I don't think I'm ugly, or even good looking just average. I'm nice to people I treat everyone with respect as long as they show it to me. I have a few extra pounds but I'm not obese. I'm on a SSI income due to a learning disability and I don't have a car because I can't afford it. Please don't judge me based on these things. I'm not lazy I want to work but no one seems to want to hire me because their afraid I might screw up. This makes me look bad in front of girls, because they view me as no good.


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  • Well I can relate. I also have a disability but the difference between me and you is that when I go for a job I try to hide it really well and never tell my employer. Its usually a challenge for me but I try very hard to work through it in order to be like everyone else. I have a lot of trouble getting a boyfriend and only seem to date jerks. I can't put anymore because I can't put anonymous.

    • The sad thing is its always cute when a girl as a disability because guys, will overlook that. But if a guy as one girls don't want nothing to do with it. I've been turn down because of it.

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    • Sorry for going off just hard to tell who's kidding and who's being serious.

    • Its fine. What state do you live in? I wish I could collect money for my disability incited of struggling as much as I do. I have ADD, a speech problem and am slow would they give me money for that?

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