Should I be worried my boyfriend has lot of girl friends?

My boyfriend has a lot of friends that are girls and he goes out with them and talks to them a lot but he always tells, I'm just not really used to it and don't no what to think..


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  • So you're saying he always tells you about when he's with them, right. That's a really good thing.

    I think you should trust him if he hasn't given you motive to not do so otherwise. It'd be nicer for you if he spent more time with you instead of them, but just as he shouldn't have control over your friends so should his be respected as well.

  • So are you saying that because he's a guy, he's not allowed to have female friends? Isn't that a double standard

    • My ex's never had girl friends .just not used to it thought I'd ask. Because I've heard guys and girls can't just be friends . I'm sure it's not that way just wanted other ppls input :)

    • Yes, but only girls are ever asking about guys and girls being just's a bit of a double standard

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