Guys have you kissed a girl while still having feelings for another one?

Have you done it? Would you do it? Not sex, not making out, jsut kissing in a public place (a club or something). And you're not dating, nor in a relationship.


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  • I wouldn't do this, because I would feel as if I was betraying the other girl and leading this girl on, so I would not go that far and just explain why I am more comfortable with just friends,x

    • what if you and the girl got into a fight?

    • No, because every problem has a resolve, but by adding to the problem, your diminishing the resolve, so no matter what the argument, I still would not betray any woman I was interested in or in a relationship with, because to me, if my efforts were not up to standards, then I would know that I wasn't worthy of her, so fight or not, I would remain loyal to my emotions and to her,x

  • yes, I have. Yes, if I felt that the person I wanted, didn't feel the same way about me.

    • you, my friend, give me hope lol, considering that we got into a fight and I iwent on a date with another guy a week after it, however I stil had feelings for him...he kissed the girl a month after the fight.aghh this is so complicated

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